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Dosko Brush Chipper

Dosko Brush Chipper


Dosko brush chippers are designed and built to bring the big jobs down to size! They are also designed with safety in mind, and feature:

  • Slide back feed roller provides quick and easy access for maintenance.
  • The Smart Feed system monitors the chipper shaft RPM and adjusts the roller speed resulting in fewer jams and better productivitiy.

Need 2in ball for towing

Kohler CH750, 30HP (22kW)

  • Gasoline: 12 Gallons (45 L)
  • Hydraulic Tank: 7 Gallons (26 L)
  • 360° Chute (98" Discharge Height)
  • Disc Size: 32" Dia. x. .87" W (81 x 2 cm)

Weight 2,285 lbs (1,036 kg)
Length 124" (315 cm)
Width 74" (188 cm)
Height 98" (249 cm)


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