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Little WonderGas Hedge Trimmer

Little WonderGas Hedge Trimmer


This Gas Hedge Trimmer Gives You Effortless Cuts With Total Control In Any Position.

  • Stamped, thru-hardened high carbon tool steel blades maintain a sharp edge for longer periods of time.
  • Most hedge trimmers feature only one set of blades that move. Little Wonder Gas Hedge Trimmers feature double reciprocating blades for reduced vibration and heavier cuts.
  • Cuts Up to 1" Diameter Growth. Our precision sharpened blades let you shear new growth, as well as established heavy growth. 3500 cuts per minute.
  • Gears Designed for More Power, case hardened steel gears for durability and longer life. Rear handle mount accepts support from frame bar.
  • Frame Bar with enhanced support from protruding studs through gear box and pressed studs. 30" Single Edge models feature a two position front handle.
  • Reliable Starting and Performance with electronic ignition and primer bulb carburetor for easy starts. Weighted fuel line so unit can operate in any position; C.A.R.B. certified.
  • Shock mounts on handles reduce vibration, soft grip front handle, and precision balanced design make these units easier to use over extended periods
  • Finger throttle control and lock out lever give the user enhanced engine and blade control to prevent inadvertent blade engagement.


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